All of Attorney Et Al., LLC.'s offerings can be used for self study in California to satisfy its 25 hours CLE requirement. The 26 hours package has been approved as meeting California's complete CLE requirement, at least one half of the program hours must be taken as participatory study and no more than one-half of the program hours can be taken as self study. The extra hour can be used to satisfy a deficiency of the prior CLE period, if needed.

California's approved 26 hour complete CLE program
On-line ($104)
CD-ROM ($156)

Description Audio Length Book Length
Legal Ethics Two (4) hours 387 pages
Legal Ethics Three
(Elimination of Gender Bias and Substance Abuse)
(4) hours323 pages
Limited Liability (4) hours 425 pages
Partnerships (4) hours 348 pages
Financial Planning I (4) hours 324 pages
Estate Planning I (4) hours 373 pages
Small Claims Court (2) hours 449 pages
Totals 26 hours 2,629 pages

In addition to the package, all of Attorney Et Al., LLC.'s individual courses have been approved as meeting California's CLE requirements, both as self-study and participating depending on the attorney's election and use.