The entire 45 hour package has been approved as meeting Colorado's CLE requirement. The program can be entirely self-study with the user listening to the CD-ROMs and completing the questions at the user's own pace.

Colorado's approved 45 hour complete CLE program
On-line ($180)
CD-ROM ($270)

Description Audio Length Book Length
Legal Ethics One (4) hours247 pages
Legal Ethics Two (4) hours387 pages
Law Office Management (4) hours377 pages
Corporations (4) hours465 pages
Estate Planning One (4) hours373 pages
Financial Planning I (4) hours324 pages
Financial Planning II (4) hours382 pages
Limited Liability Companies (4) hours425 pages
NAFTA (3) hours357 pages
Nonprofit Corporations (4) hours397 pages
Partnerships (4) hours348 pages
Small Claims Court (2) hours449 pages
Totals 45 hours 4,531 pages

In addition to the package, all of Attorney Et Al., LLC.'s individual courses have been approved as meeting Colorado's CLE requirements.