Welcome to the Attorney Et Al. statement of completion page. If you have not yet done so, please read the directions below.

When you are ready to proceed, please enter your last name and bar number (you should enter it the same way that you entered the bar number when you first purchased the program).

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    About statement of completion:

  1. To make submission and receipt of the statement of completion for both individual courses and state packages as convenient as possible, this site was created for purchases after October 2005.
  2. Because of incompatibility with the earlier databases used, courses purchased prior to October 2005 are not on this database and attorneys who purchased such courses must continue to submit their statements of completion by one for the following methods:
    1. Email to questions@attorneyetal.com
    2. By fax to: (650) 508-8359
    3. Mail to:
      	Attorney Et Al, LLC
      	P.O. Box 2315
      	Carson City, NV 89702
  3. It is for courses or packages purchased after October, 2005, this site is designed. The site is very easy to use. An attorney not wishing to submit the statement of completion over the internet can still submit it by mail, email or fax as outlined above.
  4. Every attorney can access his or her database by inputting the attorneys last name and bar number in the area above.

    About the completion form:

  5. Once correctly entered, a list of known courses will be displayed. Uncompleted courses will appear first. Completed courses (if any) will appear below with the completion date.
  6. The statement of completion form must be completed in order to earn CLE credit for the course.
  7. For each uncompleted course, the attorney can choose whether self study credit or participatory study credit (for California) is sought. If California participatory credit is sought, the attorney must also input the lecture code obtained at the end of the lecture.
  8. The attorney may mark multiple courses (if applicable) as completed. When done updating the status of courses, click on the "Update" button to make the changes permanent.
  9. To print the certificate, click on the "Print Certificate for Completed Lectures" button. A new window will be created that contains a printable version of your certificate.
  10. The attorney should print the certificate of completion and keep the hard copy for four years as proof of completion and additional insurance against loss of the computer records.
  11. The attorney can verify his or her record at any time by accessing the statement of completion site.

Note for missing courses:
If you have purchased courses individually which do not appear in the directory. This can be easily corrected by clicking on this link to send us an email alerting us to the problem.

Please ensure that the subject line reads "Missing Course" and in the body of the message, give your full name, bar #, bar state, the name of the missing course, and, if known, the date of purchase. If you have completed the course, you can also include the completion code. We will respond to the message within 48 hours.