The entire 30 hour package has been approved as meeting Florida's CLE requirement. The program can be entirely self-study with the user listening to the tapes and completing the questions at the user's own pace.

Florida changed its CLE reporting method in July 2005 making it easier and less cumbersome to report completions. Florida attorneys no longer need to submit a compliance card to prove CLE course completion. Now Florida attorneys can submit their completions directly online at the Florida Bar's web site www.floridabar.org. Attorneys should obtain for their records a certificate of completion from Attorney Et Al so that Attorney Et Al would be to prove an attorney's completion to the Florida Bar in case of an audit. This is done by clicking the SUBMIT STATEMENT OF COMPLETION LINK on Attorney Et Al's web site www.attorneyetal.com.

Attorney Et Al's approved course number for its Complete Florida CLE Program is 54416 and the number of approved CLE hours is 30 hours.

Florida's approved 30 hour complete CLE program
On-line ($120)
CD-ROM ($180)

Description Audio Length Book Length
Legal Ethics Two (4) hours 387 pages
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (4) hours 474 pages
Partnerships (4) hours 348 pages
Estate Planning I (4) hours 373 pages
Estate Planning II (4) hours 541 pages
Limited Liability Companies (4) hours 425 pages
Small Claims Courts (2) hours 357 pages
Ethics III
(Elimination of Gender Bias
and Substance Abuse)
(4) hours 323 pages
Totals 30 hours 3,228 pages

Note: At this time individual courses for Florida have not been approved. These are the only courses of Attorney Et Al., LLC.'s approved in Florida. If demand is found to exist the approval for the rest of Attorney Et Al., LLC.'s offerings, approval will be sought.