New York

Attorney Et Al., LLC. is a MCLE provider in the approved jurisdictions of California and Colorado. In accorance with Section 6 of the New York MCLE rules, Attorney Et Al., LLC. can offer its self study courses to New York attorneys. Under New York CLE rules, the attorney must play the participatory credit versions of the lectures, which utilizes a copyrighted computer program to verify the attorney's completion.   New York does not permit nontraditional courses (online or cdrom programs) to be taken as self study which is unverified. In addition,  new admitted attorneys are limited to 12 hours of CLE credit by nontraditional means (online or cdrom programs)

In addition to its courses, which may be purchased individually, Attorney Et Al., LLC. offers the following courses in a 25 hour CLE program.
New York's 25 hour complete CLE program
On-line ($100)
CD-ROM ($150)

Description Audio Length Book Length
Legal Ethics One (4) hours 247 pages
Law Office Management (4) hours 377 pages
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (3) hours 425 pages
Estate Planning Two (4) hours 541 pages
Financial Planning Two (4) hours 382 pages
Limited Liability Companies (4) hours 425 pages
Powers Of Attorney (2) hours 327 pages
Totals 25 hours 2,724 pages